Data Analysis Decision & Advice, or [DA]², is a research team from the Business Administration Department of the University Namur, in Belgium.



In contemporary organizations, data and information are everywhere. Data are stored and maintained in various databases to support daily business operations, information is produced through various information systems to support decision-making within the organization. As the quantity and complexity of such data paper writer and information increase, new challenges arise, related to how these inputs can be exploited more effectively to help organizations produce more value. [DA]² team intends to contribute to research on how business data and information can be elicited, modeled and analyzed as a way to be converted into knowledge, on how new languages can be designed to better represent these data and information, or even on how these data and information can be communicated to important stakeholders of the business. It also focuses on the production of advice based on knowledge, and on how advice can help decision-making within organizations.



The team gathers a dozen researchers around topics as varied as elicitation and management of data and knowledge, modeling language design, decision making and production of advice, business analysis, etc.

The team publishes actively in domains such as requirements engineering, conceptual modeling, information systems, web-services or software engineering.