Bertrand Verlaine


Bertrand Verlaine is a research and teaching assistant at the University of Namur and is finishing his PhD in spring 2016. He graduated magna cum laude in Business Administration and Information Management in 2009. He also holds several degrees in the field of education sciences. As a matter of fact, he is currently a lecturer at the University of Namur and at EPHEC. Bertrand is passionate by the management of IT organizations and of IT projects, especially in service-oriented environments. His research focuses on the relations between the strategies, processes and governance of organizations, and the IT supporting their operations. To do so, he improves and proposes some new methodologies, models, tools and techniques. The latter can be used by leaders and managers to improve the business & IT alignment in their IT organizations. In parallel, Bertrand has developed and maintains a Web-based application used by CFO and accountants to create business plans and financial previsions.